Royal Canberra Show


Sideshow Alley, Royal Canberra Show


Once a year, a farm load of animals invades the city and the smell of dagwood dogs hangs heavy in the late-summer Canberra air. This signals one thing: the Royal Canberra Show is coming to town!

I grew up visiting Sydney’s Royal Easter Show and only had my first experience at the Canberra Show in 2016 but you know what? It didn’t disappoint. It is, of course, smaller than it’s Sydney cousin but it offers up a pretty decent ag-show selection.


Cattle Exhibition, Royal Canberra Show


It has the animal competitions including cattle, sheep, horses, cats and dogs as well as a petting zoo, fly-ball, pig racing and a few other animal activities. You can get up close and personal with the prize-winning animals, cheer on the racing animals and watch horsemanship skills  in the main arena.


Dahlias, Flowers, Royal Canberra Show



Grand Champion Pumpkin, Royal Canberra Show


The Harvest Hall is home to a beautiful produce display including flowers which looks like a bunch of fireworks, herbs, fruit, vegetables, eggs and some pretty epic cakes. These things are grown and made by ordinary people and you can be a part of it too, check out guidelines on how to enter and start getting yourself motivated for next year!

If you are an artist, crafter or photographer, there are some great displays of this type of work too and again, if you want to get involved, check out the Royal Canberra Show entry guidlelines.


Amazing cakes, Royal Canberra Show


Last but not least, the Canberra show has the tacky, carny element which is 100% part of the modern agricultural show experience. There are halls full of show bags, crazy wigs, more deep fried food than I could imagine is necessary and rides, rides and more rides. Walking through side show alley is for me a bit of a step into an alternate world, the constant haranguing from the attendants and the strange 8-Mile vibe making it an experience unique to the show scene.

So whilst the 2017 show has come and gone, why not get motivated and create or grow something to enter next year?!


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