Capital Region Farmers Market, Canberra


Carrots, Capital Region Farmer’s Market, Canberra

Looking for an alternative option for buying fresh food outside of the supermarket bubble in Canberra? Why not check out the Capital Region Farmers’ Market which is held every Saturday at EPIC. The Farmer’s Market is jam packed with fresh, seasonal produce including fruit and veges, meat, nuts, oils, dairy and seafood from the nearby South Coast You can pick up fresh baked breads, pastries, fresh pasta, cakes, donuts and hot food too. There’s a small are of seating so you can recharge with a coffee and a pie, pastry or crepe but getting a chair here is like a competitive sport. On clear days, you can also sit just outside on a grass area where there is a bit  of shade.



Fresh vegetables Capital Region Farmer’s Market, Canberra


The good thing about shopping at the Farmer’s Market is you are giving your money to the people who grow the food and hopefully making a more ethical choice.  I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called Food Inc (based on the book Fast Food Nation) which really explains the value in this – if you are shopping through the mass producers, you are shopping in a business model that treats its workers and therefore its animals and crops pretty badly. You end up getting a sub-par product at a massive cost to the planet, the people involved in the processing along the way and the poor old animals at the bottom of the pile.


Meat, Capital Region Farmer’s Market, Canberra


If you’re looking for some garden inspiration, there are some pretty awesome trees and plants available too. The trees in particular are grown neat Tumut so they are a pretty good bet to survive the harsh Canberra seasons unlike some of the really out of touch offerings that Bunnings churn out which are clearly never going to live here.

The Capital Region Farmer’s Market is always seriously busy so be ready for crowds – that said, the vibe is pretty laid back so even though its busy, its not stressful. You might have to wait a couple of minutes at the more popular stalls but never much more than that. The market is largely undercover (with a few stalls outside) but it gets veeeery chilly in winter and pretty steamy in summer so keep that in mind too. Other than that, happy shopping and happy cooking with the goodies you find!

The Details:

The Capital Region Farmer’s Market runs every Saturday year round from 7:30am until 11:30am at Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC). It is run by the Rotary Club of Hall.

Here is a stallholder’s directory.


Seafood, Capital Region Farmer’s Market, Canberra



Apples, Capital Region Farmer’s Market, Canberra



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