An introduction and my day zero

Avenue of trees on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra

Hi, nice to meet you

By way of (belated) introduction to this blog, I’m going to take you back to my Day Zero but before we get to Day Zero, a bit about me. As I’ve gotten older and wiser, I’ve become more focused on trying to tread lightly on this planet of ours. I was interested and vaguely aware of the problems we face as a group on a heating and resource limited planet but having a daughter a couple of years ago meant that every bad thing happening in our world suddenly hit me like a sledge hammer. I felt real pain thinking of how much she will  miss out on because of the crazy attitude of recent generations of humans.

Rather than wallow, I decided to start taking steps toward change. The absolute beginning for me, like many, was reading the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. It was a bit of a revelation and since I was in the process of packing up house to move interstate with my husband and daughter, also quite timely. So we got into it. I was the ringleader and kind of dragged husband along and in the end, we sold hundreds of dollars worth of stuff then trucked the rest off to the tip. Horrifying.

After that little catharsis, I plodded along quietly and settled into the new house but a seed had been planted and in the back of my mind was this desire to live better.

The fact that my husband and I sat down on a summer night and for some unknown reason decided to search Netflix for documentaries turned out to be a happy coincidence. We saw one called The Minimalists and decided to give it a try with no idea about minimalism and the impact it would have on us. This became Day Zero in our family’s journey.

So what do I plan to babble on about?

  • Green living
  • Minimalism
  • Gardening
  • DIY hacks for more sustainable clothes, toys, homes…
  • Activities to aim for when you stop living for stuff and start living for adventure
  • A local op-shop guide (check out my earlier posts for a few ideas)
  • A guide to things to do in Canberra

Let me make it clear, I have stumbled and fallen more than I care to admit when it comes to practicing what I preach. And I am surrounded by a family of people who LOOOOVE stuff, all buying stuff, stuff, stuff. One is all about furniture, constantly ‘theming’ her house. She literally throws away housefuls of furniture every few years. Another suffers a similar problem with the furniture and theming but in addition, she always buys the cheapest version of anything then constantly has to replace sub-standard items. Another nearest and dearest is about gadgets and gear, and we have our token fast fashion victim who buys it (and bins it) by the boot-load . Many people close to me struggle for money but constantly post photos of their new clothes/shoes/cars etc. Even thinking about this is making my shoulders tight. I do not want to be a part of this anymore. I don’t want my daughter to think this is what life is about. I want to spend my time and money giving her experiences and joy, not junk.

It’s time to stop…and time to get started!

Would you like to come with me?


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