One month of buying nothing – day three. Coats and SALES!

Salvos op-shop coat
Salvos op-shop coat – thrift shop joy!!

Day three of the month of no spending was bit more of a challenge simply because the place I met my husband for lunch was in the mall near my office. I had to drag myself past shops  bulging with ‘stuff.’ One store in particular had a whole range of clothes in my favourite mustard yellow colour. It is coming into the autumn/winter fashion season so of course there are hordes of racks on sale. Not only that, there are literally hundreds of posters and signs screaming about their SALEs and suggesting what  is ‘needed’ for the upcoming winter season. Combined with recent sudden drop in weather  temperatures, it is a real effort trying to get through the gauntlet.

There were a few times where I seriously felt convinced that there were things I ‘needed.’ It was scary. I had to keep snapping myself out of it. After lunch, we were passing Kathmandu. ‘We need to get Ai a winter coat’ said husband. Really? It’s still summer. There’s a run of high thirties weather on the forecast. Our little girl is growing at an unpredictable rate. We live right near the Australian Snowy Mountains where there are piles of barely worn winter clothes for toddlers offered up on the buy and sell pages at bargain rates at the beginning of every ski season. Yet we still walked into the bright, airy shop stuffed to the brim with on-trend clothes.

In Kathmandu, we faltered but we didn’t fail! I’m happy to say we discussed and agreed on  the option of buying used when we knew the right size our daughter would be in winter. We left $150 better off and saved the planet more rubbish by planning to buy somebody else’s castoff. Small steps.

Post script – This passage was originally written in my journal in summer but it is now winter and I’m happy to report my mum has since found a second hand coat at her local Salvos op-shop which is immaculate and fits Ai like a glove. It cost $2.00!


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