One month of buying nothing – day eleven: reflecting on minimalism.


I finally had to do the groceries today but stuck to a pretty solid list. I also tried to look for seasonal things, I figure its probably cheaper as well as less likely to have been flown across the planet for my eating pleasure.

Other than that, I’m still doing really well. So what has my first twelve days taught me?

Four thoughts on minimalism:

1.      You should make time to think about your purchases, not just for a few seconds but for as long as it takes to work out the best value for money and the best value for you.

2.      You’ll be inspired to buy less stuff in (practically nothing) and start to clear unwanted stuff out. This has the added benefit of making your house somewhere you actually want to be. It will feel lighter and seeing things you really love is uplifting.

3.      You will have more time. I have not only been saving money, I’ve been making it by using the time I would have wandered the malls or trawled ebay to make paintings and clothing for my online store. Wow.

4.      You feel better. Really. You just do. And if you want to hear from some guys who really know their stuff instead of a novice like me, check out this definition of minimalism.

So in summary, I have more time plus I’m using it better, I have more money so I can start working toward experience I want. I have created less waste and I have less junk. I feel better. I hope I can make it through the month and keep going from there.


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