One month of no spending – day fourteen: crazy strong Korean vinegar and organic gardening


Today was day fourteen of my month of minimalism and it presented a whole new type of challenge. We had to buy some super-strength vinegar for weeding the crushed granite paths at our community garden plot. The committee pointed us in the direction of a new but dangerous find – a huge and amazing Korean supermarket called Bestore just a couple of suburbs away. Oh my goodness, the temptations…brightly coloured nick knacks, cosmetics, woks, toys even house alarms proudly made by Samsung. It was out of this world, it even has it’s own in-house butcher and florist!

Normally I think I would have left with bag loads of things I never even knew existed let alone desired until I saw them gazing at me from their bright, shiny packets. But you know what? I left with the $6 bottle of crazy-strength vinegar and a Capri-sun juice which took me instantly back to summers in the 90s. No gadgets, no make up, no flowers. Just a burning desire to go back and do a sensible grocery shop when I actually need food. So there you have  it. I count it as a big success.

Part two of the victory came right after the supermarket visit – I had to go to the chemist to get my daughter some medicine prescribed by our GP. The nearest and best pharmacy is smack bang in the middle of a mall surrounded by discount department stores, book shops and pop-up stands selling lava lamps, hats with fans and any other junk that will be used once (if at all) then binned. Should there be a rule against idiotic, useless products? Or at least a pollution tax because they’re given as stupid secret santa gifts then never used?

Anyhow, rant over and back to the chemist, in, medicine purchased, out, car, home. No little unplanned detours, no snap purchases and yet again, no guilt. I love this!


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