One month of no spending – supersized!!


Parliament House, Canberra, Australia


The documentary binge continued – an oldie but a goodie, we tuned in to Supersize Me. What an eye opener on the horrendous impact that a fast food diet can have on your body and your mind. How is this relevant to minimalism you may ask? I think man elements of this documentary speak to the need to consume. Although in this case it is crap food rather than crap stuff, its still the same basic premise of huge companies convincing us we need to buy what they have regardless of the direct impact on our health and the broader impact on our planet.

I’ve actually been really surprised by how much some of these docos have made me reflect on myself, the kind of example I want to set for my daughter and the kind of action I want to take to improve our little part of the universe. I initially felt like I was one tiny person who couldn’t make much of a wrong! I can make a HUGE impact on my immediate world and that is a little contribution to the bigger picture. I’d love to hear how everyone else has tackled trying to live a meaningful, sustainable life!! I will offer some kind of reward to the first person who comments, maybe a postcard from Canberra, Australia with some positive sentiments to cheer you on!? Check out the photo to get a taste of what the sweet prize could look like…if that can’t encourage a comment, what can?!




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