One month of no spending – day 23 and 24: fast food and farmer’s markets.


Carrots from the Capital Region Farmer’s Market, Canberra


Day 23

The more I think about the problems facing our society, the more I want to think about how to solve them. So our evening viewing today consisted of Food Inc. I read Fast Food Nation before a trip to America a few years back and was shocked and horrified enough about what I had read that I didn’t touch McDonald’s or any of the other big fast food chains the entire time we were away. But somehow after having a baby and taking the easy option from time to time, I have had the odd cheeseburger meal sneak back into my life. So as I sat down and let all of the information flood over me again, this time accompanied by footage, I felt the need to break up with Ronald McDonald, The Colonel and their mates all over again.

Day 24

Luckily my  weekly Farmer’s Market (the Capital Region Farmer’s Market) was on today. A big take home from Food Inc was to shop this way to make ethical choices, buy local and seasonal and cut the big chains out of the process. So we headed to the market with a list of what we needed. It was bucketing down with rain but the market was still packed. Canberra seems to embrace the whole farmer’s market scene and people’s baskets were packed to the brim.

The one problem I have with the market is I’m not certain on exactly what the stallholder requirements are – is there a radius that the produce comes from within, does it come from the farms direct or via wholesalers located in Sydney or beyond (which would add serious food miles) and a few other questions. I’ve resolved to find out some answers from the market organiser to make sure I’m making the best choices. We ended up spending $100 on a couple of bags of stuff but this was in place of a big chunk of our normal weekly shop so not too bad. I’ve also found out that there is a food co-op in town where we could buy staples minus the packaging and at a hopefully reduced price. We’ve decided to head in and check it out.


Fresh food from the Capital Region Farmer’s Market



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