One month of no spending – day thirty: the finish…and the start!


Cue blazer


Today I was sifting through my wardrobe looking to sort the keepers from the no-longer-wears. I tried on a blazer I bought a few years back but rarely wear. The cut and fabric are great but I realised what annoys me about it is the overly long sleeves. Rather than toss it in the charity bag, I checked out local repair places and found an alteration place where I’ll take it to get the sleeves shortened. Given that it cost a couple of hundred dollars from Cue -which is accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA – more on them later), I think the investment of an extra $20 or $30 will mean I have a good blazer to get me through a few winters yet.

I guess this does beg the question of why the heck I bought it in the first place if the sleeves bothered me enough to then ignore it for a couple of years but I guess fixing it late is better than never…and it saves it from a slow death on the landfill pile.

Another win for the last day of my first month of no spending and minimalism was to drop a recent op-shop bargain jacket at the dry cleaner – for the $16 purchase price and $8 for cleaning, I’ve got a jacket which fits like a glove and is in pristine condition in my wardrobe rather than in waste. So the month of no spending is officially done for now but we plan to use it as a basis to think harder about how and when we shop. I feel like the key for me is resisting the advertising telling you what you need, what you can save, how the next shiny new thing will make your life better…it became abundantly clear to me in just one month that my happiness didn’t correlate with how much I spent.. If anything, it increased with less spending.

So following this little series of throwback posts, we fast forward to a literally freezing, windy July  in Canberra. A change of seasons but more than ever, I feel genuinely excited about finding ideas to reduce waste, save money and improve happiness – I look forward to finding out what everyone else is up to as well. Onwards!


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