Twenty year old jumper tackles toddler fast-fashion

IMG_8263Do you feel like hearing a positive, anti-fast-fashion story? If so read on because I have one for you!!

If you have a kid, you will know that their clothes can be even more of fast fashion nightmare than adults. Low quality, mass produced clothes are available for less than $5 which then makes trying to on-sell them near impossible. Its such a shame that a lot of parents think there is some kind of ‘ick-factor’ associated with dressing your kids in second hand clothes because most of them are lovely and do the job of clothing your child for the few months (or sometimes weeks) that they stay their current size before rocketing up the growth charts.  If you have thought twice about buying or using second hand for your kids, here is my good news story to change your mind:

Just after listening to the War on Waste podcast ‘Keep Cups and Vintage Knits’ I was lucky enough to become the next mum in a chain lasting almost two decades to put a particularly perfect, snuggly jumper on my daughter. Can you believe it? This has been doing the rounds since it was knitted for a little girl called India who recently had her 21st birthday! I think it is lovely, actually a privilege, to be part of the story of this jumper – it has been a part of so many families and milestones and we are having our turn right now before it will be passed on again.  It seriously looks and feels good enough that I fully expect it to still be on doing the rounds when my own daughter has her 21st birthday.

So there you have it, an almost 20 year old jumper has leapt into our lives and made us feel all warm and fuzzy. Can you beat it? What is the oldest hand me down being proudly worn in your family?





One thought on “Twenty year old jumper tackles toddler fast-fashion

  1. That jumper is ADORABLE! Has so much more charm than anything you’d find in stores, and it’s such a great message to spread.


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