Fight food waste: bin ready bananas = beautiful banana bread (recipe)

Easy banana bread recipe fights food waste

 I had this pile of bananas that looked well and truly like the final survivors of a horrifying apocalypse. They had turned totally black and the skin had wrinkled and wilted. A couple even had tiny patches of mould on the skin.

Despite their not so enticing exterior, I was wracked with guilt about throwing them all away to become more food waste so I decided to peel one and see what they were like inside. To my surprise, they were perfect. Still firm-ish but with the right amount of sogginess to be transformed like cygnets into swans (or some other more fitting analogy if you can come up with one). To create a similar metamorphosis in your own home, please feel free to follow (or tweak) this banana bread recipe of mine.

Save the bananas from the bin’ bread:

2 large or three small mashed bananas (the soggier the better)

100g butter

½ cup sugar

1 ½ cups flour

1 egg, beaten

¼ cup milk (maybe a touch less if your bananas are very moist)

Nutmeg (optional, to taste)

Cinnamon (optional, to taste)

Cardamon (optional, to taste)

You can use the spices listed either on their own, or if you are like me, all of them. I would recommend picking at least one though.


Melt butter and sugar over a low heat until combined.. Remove from heat. (or if you want to save washing up, try creaming them together instead of using the stove top method).

Mash your bananas until they are smooth then mix into the butter/sugar mix.

Add the beaten egg and stir.

Add the flour and milk and stir ensuring there are no flour lumps.

Pour into a lined loaf tin and bake at 175 degrees for 35-40 minutes.

Then enjoy the fruits of your frugality as you think about the fact this whole cake costs less than one slice at a café AND saved your bananas from becoming food waste!

Have you got another recipe which battles food waste? Why not share a link, I’d love to use up more of my nearly-gone fruit and veges!!

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