The glorious joy of op-shopping

My empty coat rack made from KLM business class delft coasters just waiting to hold some bargains! 

As a teenager and in my early twenties, I was a borderline obsessive op-shopper (if you are checking in from overseas and wondering what I’m talking about, an op-shop is a thrift store). Mum and I would do the rounds of our favourite op-shops every Saturday morning and I loved the thrill of finding something tucked away which was the right size when you pulled it off the rack. It was such a bonus and one of my all-time favourite bits of clothing came from one of these trips. It was a woollen skirt with a diamond pattern knitted into it, it was so perfectly unique and fitted like a glove for years until the tragic day I put it on a hot cycle by accident and shrunk it.

Now, a decade and a half on, I am rediscovering the joys of the op-shop. I haven’t bought anything new other than undies for about six months now but I am absolutely loving my wardrobe. To be honest, it has more designer labels in it now than it did before and the cost is pittance compared to buying the same things new. An absolute joy to find was a brand-new Review woollen skirt still with the original $120 price tag attached – mine for $20! AND it warmed my heart when my aunty said, ‘Didn’t you have one like that years ago?’ Yes! I did – the aforementioned favourite.

Other treasures of late have included an Alannah Hill jumper, a Review blazer and a set of vintage KLM business class delft coasters. I got 12 for $3.50. Not only a bargain basement price but I’ve been on the hunt for Delft for ages, my husband’s family are Dutch and I love the stuff. Given we will never have call for 12 coasters at our six-person table, I turned a few into a coat rack. Even better, the exact same ones are selling on ebay for upwards of $65 each (not that I plan to on-sell them).

So keep a lookout because I’ll be reviewing op-shops as I find them and my lovely mum will be doing some guest reviews too – hopefully they’ll inspire you to get out and do some sustainable shopping!!  If you just can’t wait to hit the op-shops and you’re a Canberra local, check out this amazing blog I found – I op therefore I am to get some op-shop inspo.

And if you know of a great op-shop or have reviewed any yourself, feel free to add a link to your blog in the comments!

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