Op-shop review: The Salvation Army Family Store, Temora, NSW



The Salvation Army Family Store op-shop, Temora


Temora is a located in country New South Wales, an easy two and a half hour drive from Canberra. Its home to a handful of op-shops which, in the true style of most  small town op-shops, have absolute bargain basement prices that  put some of the boutique style city op-shops to shame.

There are two Salvation Army branded op-shops in Temora. The one we visited is located on the corer of Victoria Street and Baker Street, just here. There is street parking at the front of the store.

Salvos Temora has loads of clothing, bric a brac, books and furniture with prices on bric a brac starting as low as 5 cents! The main criticism of Salvos in Temora is that the store is waaaaay untidy (although this makes for a real treasure hunt so the mess can be a positive if you like the thrill of the chase). The other problem is that clothing isn’t price tagged so it is pot luck how much you are charged on any given day.

The positives are that there are some real bargains to be had if you are willing to search through for what you want.

Worth a visit if you are happy to gamble – can find some hidden gems on a good day or leave empty handed on a bad one.


The Salvation Army Family Store, Temora



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