When winter gives you lemons, make lemonade!


Fresh seasonal lemons – the best things in life are FREE!

One of the very first things we planted when we moved to our teeny tiny townhouse was a lemon tree. What I have learned since dowsizing is that there is a tree for every space, sometimes you just have to search. While a classic lemon would have domited our whole yard, we found an espaliered lemon which takes up almost no space and looks pretty as a picture brightening up a boring grey wall.

It’s only a baby and just settling in this year (although we have a few fruits, not exactly an overabundance) but lucky for me, a friend had more lemons than you can poke a stick at so we now have piles of the things. My cunning plan to use this bounty of seasonal lemony goodness is to try the following:

And if I can find a recipe, preserved lemons…although unlike everyhing else on the list I’ve never tried them so time will tell if that is a wise idea or not.

Esplalier lemon tree – great for a small garden

If you too have a big, zesty yellow pile you want to use, stay tuned to see recipes for the things on my ”lemon list”.

If you’d like to try growing your own fruit and veges in a small space, go for it! Or check out your local area for a community garden. Here is a great resource on community gardens in Australia to get you started. And even if you are a brown thumb, everyone else is so helpful and also generous with their excess seasonal produce. So you learn to grow sustainably AND get free super-fresh fruit and veges. Win win!


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