Corin Forest, Canberra: SNOW SNOW SNOW

Snow play at Corin Forest, Canberra, Australia

If you are in Canberra and want to experience the snow without the extended travel and expense of heading to the main skifields, Corin Forest is a great alternative. Only a short drive from the edge of the city, Corin Forest provides a beginner ski slope, a toboggan slope and a snow play area as well as a cafe and picnic area. While the patch of snow is fairly tiny (and almost always man made), its plenty for anyone experiencing snow for the first time or for toddlers who seem just as amazed by this as by Perisher or Thredbo.

The drive to Corin Forest can be icy but no snow chains are required and it is a fairly easy drive. Its also really picturesque with beautiful views over the mountains and farmland.

Snow area at Corin Forest, Canberra, Australia

The cafe at Corin Forest has an open fire and giant marshmallows to toast. The menu also offers muffins, bratwurst and burgers (although it loses points for serving everything in takeaway cups and cardboard containers – if you have a keep cup, remember to pack it). The Corin Forest website also mentions wood fired pizza but there was no sign of this when we visited…

Clothing, tobggans,  skis and snowboards can all be hired onsite and entry can be pre-booked online at various sessions throughout the day. Skiing is $30 per half day and snow play is $18 per session.

If you are after a day of hard skiing, Corin Forest is not for you but if you are after a gentle introduction to the slopes and a way to get some fresh air and outside fun with your family during winter, planning a trip to Corin Forest is a great way to motivate yourself to get up off the couch during cold Canberra winters.

Cafe and picnic area at Corin Forest, Canberra



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