Clean face, clean planet!

IMG_9946Public service announcement! I have found a product that cleans your face using only water. No plastic bottles of cleanser required. No soaps, no oils, no anything. What could this be you ask? It is called the FaceHalo and I think it should wear a halo itself because of its angelically planet-friendly approach to keeping your epidermis looking squeaky clean.

I must admit I had read a few reviews about FaceHalo but filed it away at the back of my mind in the ‘I like the sound of it but I’m kind of sceptical’ area. It simmered away there until I got an unexpected little bonus and thought, why the heck not. Surely I can part with $22. So I ordered online and my 3 pack arrived a couple of days later.

I’m pleased to say it ripped through my makeup including waterproof mascara and long wear lipstick like nothing else I’ve tried. And afterwards, my skin was soft and fresh with not a hint of tightness, scales, flakes or any other nasty side effect that certain products can cause.

So please, do yourself a favour and if you, like me, have wondered about the magical skin cleaning properties of the FaceHalo or any of its similar cleansing cousins, give it a try! You just might save yourself a lot of money and reduce your waste too!


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