Home made citrus peel cleaner


My home made citrus cleaner ready to be bottled and used


All through winter as a I chomped through piles of mandarins, oranges, tangelos and lemons. Each skin went into the bin because they definitely aren’t a favourie in the worm farm. Then, just in the nick of time, I found a recpie for an all natural home made cleaner made from citrus peels and vinegar on the One Million Women website.

The recipe for their home made citrus cleaner is here.

The one thing that put me off is the two week wait while the vinegar and citrus ferment away (end result pictured above)

but I still decided to give it a try and I’m so glad I did. The DIY citrus cleaner gives a really good clean, especially for geting rid of food splashes on kitchen tiles and shining up the sink. It does feel a bit tacky when you first spray and wipe it but I promise you it doesn’t dry sticky at all.

To double the magic, I’ve been using it with bamboo wipes rather than paper towel and the citrus cleaner and wipes seem to be a formiddable combination. They are happily keeping my kitchen shiny, producing no waste and repurposing my old citrus peels. I think I’ll give myself a gold star for this one!


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